For years there has been speculation and rumour of a Red Dwarf movie being in the pipeline, but still nothing seems to materialise. So, will we ever see the boys from the dwarf on the silver screen? It’s probably a little too early to answer that question at this moment in time. With the first full series of the show since 1999 about to arrive on British TV screens this coming autumn, it could well prove to be make or break time for a possible Red Dwarf movie in the future.

This wouldn’t be the first make or break time for a possible big screen outing that the Red Dwarf team have experienced though. There were plans in place to begin filming in 2005, with a plot already written, storyboards being drawn up, and even models of the ship in production. However, after a series of disappointments in the funding department, including a guy from Australia claiming to be the Duke of Manchester with 60 million dollars to invest, the project was abandoned.

The plot for a Red Dwarf movie, which has been in place since 2005, involves the crew finally returning to earth to discover that the planet is inhabited by a race of cyborgs. Representing the next stage of human evolution, the part man part machine race known as homo sapienoids is intent on wiping out all traces of homo sapiens from existence. Having eradicated humans from earth, they turned their attention to hunting down all remnants of them from the universe. With Red Dwarf representing the last human ship left to hunt down and destroy, Lister discovers he truly is the last human being alive, but for how long?

The Red Dwarf movie was supposed to follow on directly from series VIII, with the cliffhanger from series finale ‘Only The Good’ finally being resolved. This could well answer the question of why writer Doug Naylor has decided to skip making series 9 and make Red Dwarf X instead. A future movie of Red Dwarf could well fill the gap in the chronology of the show left by the absence of series 9. However, such is the interest from fans to learn what happened after that cliffhanger ending, it has been reported that the final episode of Red Dwarf X will answer that for us.

With a Red Dwarf movie having been a definite goal for everyone involved since at least the end of series VI, there is always hope that it will one day come to fruition. Red Dwarf VII was actually an attempt to build towards a movie, with the series being filmed without a studio audience and using a single camera. This gave the series a more polished movie-like look, although the following series reverted to the old filming format with multiple cameras and a studio audience present. The prognosis for a Red Dwarf movie is currently hanging in the balance, with the future of any further Red Dwarf outings largely dependant on the success of Red Dwarf X.